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The Importance of Gliese 581g

13th Oct, 2010 - 417.4K views

Get astronomy tweets here:!/DeepAstronomy The fact that we've found a habitable planet candidate so soon after starting our search has important implications for the number of habitable planets that may exist in our galaxy -

Space Fan News #16: First Images of Mercury; All of Kepler's Planets; Number of Earths in Our Galaxy

2nd Apr, 2011 - 8992 views

Lots of really cool news out this week. The MESSENGER spacecraft took some images of Mercury, the Kepler guys put out a really neat graphic showing all of the candidate planets Kepler discovered in February, and a paper showing an estimate of the nu

Space Fan News #86: Space Week Preview

7th Jan, 2013 - 4802 views

It's Space Week! It's like Shark Week but less bitey. I'm at the AAS meeting all week to try and give you some idea of what it's like at these meetings. We're going to have Hangouts on Air everyday and I'll post an SFN every night. I'll also post

New Data Challenge Accelerating Universe; Pluto Data in; New Clues to Mars Lander | SFN #182

29th Oct, 2016 - 5889 views

Official SFN Patreon Patron: The PLANETS Foundation Dedicated to finding life in the universe. Thank you! Links to this week's stories: Challenge to universal acceleration: Pl

Imaging the Surface of Proxima Centauri b

26th Apr, 2017 - 5576 views

Is it possible to directly image the surface of Proxima Centaur b? Watch this hangout and find out! Please checkout the new Kickstarter Campaign for the PLANETS Foundation:

Cassini Shoots the Saturn/Ring Gap and Lives!; U.S. Astronaut Sets an ISS Record; SFN Has New Stuff

29th Apr, 2017 - 5050 views

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Chances of Life on the Closest Exoplanets

4th May, 2017 - 4126 views

Support and learn more about the PLANETS Foundation here: Of the 50 exoplanets closest to Earth, which ones are most likely to harbor life? We now know there are more planets in our galaxy than there are stars. On average

The TRAPPIST-1 System and the NASA Search for Habitable Worlds

15th Jun, 2017 - 4115 views

What is NASA doing to help us understand the TRAPPIST-1 system? NASA’s Kepler mission breathtakingly revealed that our galaxy was filled with stars surrounded by planetary systems of all kinds. The search for planets includes seeking planets that

Your Sky Tonight - July 24, 2017

24th Jul, 2017 - 2594 views

Listen to Deep Astronomy on Anchor: Created with Stellarium Open Source Software: Original Music - Mark C. Petersen, Lochness Productions: Tonight just

Five Most Popular Telescopes for Amateur Astronomy

29th Oct, 2018 - 2387 views

Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: Are you looking to buy a telescope as a gift or for yourself? This hangout will discuss the five most

Astronomy at the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

5th Nov, 2018 - 1406 views

Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: Some of the most exciting astronomical discoveries and observations are being done at the cutting-edge observatories operated by ESO. The European Southern Observatory

Astronomy and Outreach with Ian Lauer

7th Nov, 2018 - 729 views

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