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Cozy Exoplanet Around Quiet Red Dwarf; We're Losing Our Night Sky; MOND Not Dead yet!

24th Nov, 2017 - 4194 views

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! In this episode, astronomers using ESO’s HARPS instrument find a new Earth-sized exoplanet around the inactive red dwar

Juno First Results from Jupiter; LIGO & Grav Waves Pt 3; Red Dwarf Flares; WFIRST Cost Troubles

10th Jun, 2017 - 5601 views

This week, the first science results from the Juno spacecraft around Jupiter are in; the LIGO collaboration has discovered its third gravitational wave event; astronomers warn that flares from red dwarf stars may threaten any life on exoplanets in or

How Cool is That? Exploring the Low-Temperature Universe

18th May, 2017 - 2324 views

The low-temperature universe is a very hot topic in astronomy. Watch this month's Future in Space Hangout to find out why! Although cataclysmic explosions and the fiery furnaces of massive stars are attention-grabbers, many of the most critically

OSIRIS-REx Heading to the Asteroid Bennu; Is Life on Earth Premature? | SFN #174

13th Aug, 2016 - 5100 views

Here are the links to this week's stories: OSIRIS-Rex: Palermo Scale:

Red Dwarf Stars: The Embers of Creation

12th Aug, 2011 - 79.6K views

Facebook for Space Fans: Been wanting to do a video on red dwarf stars for a long time. I love the fact that they are going to be the only stars left in a few trillion years. Further reading: http://www.universe