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Getting Started in Astrophotography

22nd Oct, 2018 - 1169 views

If you'd like to get started in taking images with your telescope, then this is the hangout for you! Experts at OPT Telescopes will be discussing the right way to get started in this wonderful and amazing aspect of amateur astronomy. Watch this han

Breakthrough Starshot Updates w/ Avi Loeb

27th Jul, 2017 - 3609 views

My Mic echo goes away about three minutes in. I figured out the cause and fixed it. Can we really travel to other stars? Can Breakthrough Starshot meet its goals? Breakthrough Starshot aims to demonstrate proof of concept for ultra-fast light-dri

What's So Great About TRAPPIST-1?

15th Jun, 2017 - 4393 views

Since the discovery of this system of seven terrestrial planets around an obscure, cool, red-dwarf star some 40 light years away, astronomers and the public have become very excited. Why? What's so great about this system? Located only 40 light-y

The Cosmic Optical Background: New Horizons Probes the Universe

27th Apr, 2017 - 2265 views

Researchers have cleverly used data from the New Horizons mission to look at the light from distant galaxies. The universe is filled with galaxies light up the cosmos, but too faint to see with the naked eye. Can we measure it? How bright is it?

SOFIA’s Flight to the Stars: NASA’s Airborne Astronomy Program

15th Sep, 2016 - 3263 views

Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future hangouts: Track SOFIA on Flight Aware: SOFIA STEM Outreach: Topic: While the world’s space

Kepler's New Universe

19th Feb, 2014 - 118.7K views

Kepler has opened up a new universe. Only about 20 years ago, we didn't know if there were any other planets around any other stars besides our own, now we know we live in a galaxy that contains more planets than stars. Every star in our galaxy has o

Hubble Hangout Trailer: Brilliant Blunders

25th May, 2013 - 3449 views

Please go to the event page and let us know you're coming: The history of science is full of success stories: those things scientists did right to advance our kno

Seeing Beyond - The James Webb Space Telescope (Final Cut)

16th Mar, 2013 - 860.7K views

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope and is scheduled for launch in October 2018. We made some changes and did some re-cutting. Here is the final version. You can download this video for free on my bl

Red Dwarf Stars: The Embers of Creation

12th Aug, 2011 - 79.4K views

Facebook for Space Fans: Been wanting to do a video on red dwarf stars for a long time. I love the fact that they are going to be the only stars left in a few trillion years. Further reading: http://www.universe

Space Fan News #26: On the Cancellation of JWST

30th Jul, 2011 - 6245 views I've been asked by many of you to do a video on the proposed cancellation of JWST. Here it is. JWST Cancellation: AAS Statement:

Space Fan News #23: More Floating Planets Than Stars In Our Galaxy

22nd May, 2011 - 6893 views

Bit late this week, but nonetheless... Astronomers think there may be more free floating planets than stars in our galaxy. Guys who did the survey: http://www.phys.canterbu

Space Fan News #21: Comet Elenin and You

6th May, 2011 - 7419 views

Don't bother with duck and cover, you're going to be fine this fall.