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Space Fan News #28: Introducing WFIRST, Dark Jupiters and Big Solar Flares

13th Aug, 2011 - 9464 views

Let's talk space: WFIRST is a mission to keep an eye on, really great work to be done with this mission: TrES-2B is a dark gas giant that reflects only 1% of the light that falls on it.

Space Fan News #31: The Star That Shouldn't Exist; Diamonds in the Sky

3rd Sep, 2011 - 8084 views

Use it, it's yours! There was a really interesting story from the European Southern Observatory this week along with the Diamond planet story submitted via the facebook page. The Star that Shouldn't exist: http://

SFN #157: Did ExoMars Have A Mishap?; Kepler Finds a Supernova Shockwave; ULA Sends Cubesats to ISS

25th Mar, 2016 - 7746 views

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SFN #163: Kepler Confirmed Exoplanets Doubled! Here's How They Did It

20th May, 2016 - 6365 views

On May 10th, the team from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope announced a whopping 1,284 new confirmed exoplanets from the Kepler Dataset. Usually this happens one or two at a time, how do we suddenly get 1,284 all at once? SFN Theme by Stephen Dubois,

Star Birth Mystery Solved?; #JWST ISIM Installed!; Strange Hypernova Observed | SFN #164

27th May, 2016 - 6407 views

Here are the links for this week's episode: Astronomers discover how star formation turns off: JWST Instruments installed:

Predicted Encounter w/ Milky Way Black Hole Missed; Universe is Accelerating Faster | SFN #165

3rd Jun, 2016 - 9052 views

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LISA Pathfinder a Success!; New Ideas on Elliptical Galaxy Formation | SFN #166

10th Jun, 2016 - 6485 views

Please join us for our next Future in Space Hangout to discuss these LISA Pathfinder results with Dr. Ira Thorpe from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Here is the link: Also, here are the links to thi

The Age of Gravitational Waves is Here!; FU Orionis is a Pig; ExoMars First Light | SFN #167

17th Jun, 2016 - 6419 views

New website is up! Visit the new and improved and let me know what you think. New content every week. Here are the links to this week's stories: LIGO Detects more gravitational waves:

Juno Approaches Jupiter!; ESO's GRAVITY Ready to Go; 5 More Years of Hubble | SFN #168

24th Jun, 2016 - 8403 views

SFN Theme: Stephen Dubois NASA's Juno mission is getting close, set to arrive late on July 4th, 2016. Here are the links to this week's stories: NASA’s Juno Mission:

ESO's VISIR Gets Ready for Juno; India Sets Launch Record; China Launches New Rocket | SFN 169

1st Jul, 2016 - 4888 views

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Juno @ Jupiter!; Solving the Quasar Seed Problem; Hitomi's Dying Breath Captures Awesome | SFN #170

9th Jul, 2016 - 8897 views

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RR 245 - New, Distant Dwarf Planet Found!; ESO's Deepest Image of Orion Nebula | SFN #171

16th Jul, 2016 - 7266 views

Thanks to Patreon Patrons who make SFN Possible! A new dwarf planet has been added to our inventory of distant solar system objects. RR 245 is one of the largest in our solar system. Here are the links to today's stories: RR 245: Newest Dwarf Pla