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Space Weather and the Perils for Humans in Space

27th Aug, 2019 - 1933 views

Future in Space Hangouts are sponsored by the American Astronautical Society: Space Weather is the study of the interactions of the solar heliosphere with the rest of the solar system. in addition to bathing us with life-s

Shock Waves from the Sun: Space Weather in 3D

22nd Mar, 2018 - 1633 views

Eruptions from the Sun cause Aurora and are the drivers of space weather throughout the solar system. These eruptions can create beautiful night time displays and interesting features in the atmospheres of the outer planets.

SFN #144: SOHO Turns 20!; Pluto's Space Weather; LISA Pathfinder Launches

11th Dec, 2015 - 3815 views

Lots of cool stories this week: SOHO is an unsung hero in my opinion. Been up there for 20 years and never had a repair mission, amazing! If you like Space Fan News, please consider becoming a Patron. You get the episode a couple of days early and

Space Fan News #29: 2MASS Makes a Map; MIRI ready for JWST; STEREO-A Makes a Movie

21st Aug, 2011 - 4188 views Lots of news from space missions this week, from 2MASS to STEREO. Even some JWST stuff in here! That STEREO-A movie makes this a must-see. Really cool!. 2MASS: http: