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Vega: The Second Most Important Star in Our Sky

7th Sep, 2017 - 23.2K views

If you like this content, please consider supporting Deep Astronomy on Patreon: Vega, or alpha lyrae, is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra the Harp and it is the fifth brightest star overall in our night

Black Dwarf Stars: Corpses of Creation

21st Jun, 2016 - 49.5K views

Original Music Available from Stephen Dubois: This space documentary was inspired by conversations with Space Fans from Patreon. I realized then that I should make a video on black dwarf stars. These stellar remnant

A Journey into a Black Hole Collision

26th Apr, 2016 - 52.5K views

Black holes have been largely theoretical until the LIGO observations announced earlier this year. Thanks to those observations, we now have another way to study and observe these amazing celestial objects. Original Music by Mark C. Petersen, Loch

Infinite Minute #5: Goodbye Jack Horkheimer

27th Aug, 2010 - 14.6K views

FYI: I thought my shirt being transparent was appropriate. My little tribute... I was extremely sad to hear of the passing of Jack Horkheimer this month. He was one of my earliest influences when I was growing up and he will be sorely missed.