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Your Sky Tonight - The Perseid Meteor Shower

10th Aug, 2017 - 12.7K views

It's been reported that the 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower will be the brightest ever recorded, and some are even saying you can see it during the day! Sadly, this is fake news. If anything this year's shower will be less dramatic, with fewer meteors s

ALMA Explores Hubble Ultra Deep Field; New Clues to Massive Star Formation | SFN #185

19th Nov, 2016 - 6805 views

Consider supporting SFN: Thanks to PLANETS Foundation for sponsoring: Space Fan News Theme by Stephen Dubois available for download here: Links to this week's stories

Black Dwarf Stars: Corpses of Creation

21st Jun, 2016 - 50K views

Original Music Available from Stephen Dubois: This space documentary was inspired by conversations with Space Fans from Patreon. I realized then that I should make a video on black dwarf stars. These stellar remnant

Star Birth Mystery Solved?; #JWST ISIM Installed!; Strange Hypernova Observed | SFN #164

27th May, 2016 - 5719 views

Here are the links for this week's episode: Astronomers discover how star formation turns off: JWST Instruments installed:

The Star-Forming Region Sharpless 2-106: Infinite Minute #11

11th Apr, 2014 - 18.6K views

This is a stunning star-forming region known as Sharpless 2-106. It is located in the constellation Cygnus the Swan some 2,000 light years from Earth. The wings of this emission nebula are bubbles of hot gas created by strong stellar winds and hig

Largest Star Ever Discovered Is Dying; ALMA Looks at Black Hole Jets: Space Fan News #117

19th Oct, 2013 - 46K views

Thank you all for helping out today in the comments section of yesterday's Hubble Hangout. If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out here: Largest Star Observed Dying:

The Horsehead Nebula in a New Light: Infinite Minute #10

27th Sep, 2013 - 26.2K views

Based on a Hubble Heritage image processed by Zolt Levay and a visualization from Frank Summers and Greg Bacon (and others) at the Space Telescope Science Institute, I thought I'd make an Infinite Minute. Hadn't done one in a while and thought this

Large Galaxies Stop Eating with Age; New Kind of Star Cluster Discovered: Space Fan News #106

3rd Aug, 2013 - 7443 views

Thank you Scott Lewis of for guest hosting this week! I will be back next Friday. Large Galaxies Stop Eating with Age: New Class of Star Cluster Discovered: http://kec

Space Fan News #103: Biggest Star In Galaxy Found; Hubble's Blue Exoplanet

13th Jul, 2013 - 11.8K views

Milky Way's Most Massive Star: Hubble's Blue Exoplanet: If you want weekly space and astro

Space Fan News #100: Strange Dust Ring; New Kind of Star; Smallest Galaxy Discovered

15th Jun, 2013 - 10.6K views

Please follow the Space Fan News g+ page to keep up to date on ALL space news: Planet forming far from parent star:

Space Fan News #90: MyStar Game Update

11th Jan, 2013 - 3839 views

MyStar is on it's way to an upgrade, new features, new games, more power! If you want weekly space and astronomy news updates, please subscribe to the DeepAstronomy channel. New episodes are uploaded every Friday

Space Fan News #61: Billions of Stars; The Dust Bunnies of Fomalhaut; White Old Dwarfs

14th Apr, 2012 - 11.1K views Billion Star Image: Zoomable image: