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Dark Energy and Me

17th Jul, 2009 - 10.5K views

Hello space fans, I'm talking entirely too fast and am almost completely incoherent, but here's an explanation of where I've been and what I'm doing. Thanks for hanging in there and stay tuned!

Where Are the First Stars and Galaxies?

28th Dec, 2010 - 136.5K views

Here's my twitter feed: There is a big gap in our observations from the CMB to the first galaxies almost a billion years later. The James Webb Space Telescope will help close that gap by looking for the first star

Space Fan News #6: James Webb Space Telescope Mission Update

22nd Jan, 2011 - 5197 views

Thought I would share some of the latest news from the James Webb Space Telescope mission. Looks like there are some delays ahead and cost overruns, but this isn't surprising and is quite common in space missions.

Space Fan News #7: Hubble's Latest, Most Distant Object and Remembering Challenger

29th Jan, 2011 - 5569 views

Here's the press release: Hubble has set a new record for the most distant object found so far (again!). Also, I tell the story of how I found out the Challenger Exploded

Space Fan News #11: The Beginning of the End of an Era

26th Feb, 2011 - 5305 views

You can haz astronomy tweets: This week, I wax rhapsodic about the final launch of Discovery, and discuss it's relevance to the Hubble.

Space Fan News #19: Hubble Turns 21, Still Can't Get a Beer in a Bar

24th Apr, 2011 - 8994 views

My employer, the Space Telescope Science Institute, released an image and a really cool animation to commemorate Hubble's 21st birthday. Press release here:

Telescope Mounts and Eyepieces

18th Jul, 2017 - 1999 views

Are you confused about the purpose of telescope mounts? What about eyepieces? What are they for? Watch today's hangout to learn more! As with any hobby, there's never any shortage of choices for accessories and amateur astronomy is no different.

Best Astronomy Equipment w/ OPT Telescopes

28th Sep, 2018 - 1534 views

Welcome to a special edition of Telescope Talk. Today we'll discuss equipment for astronomy with Dustin Gibson, owner of Oceanside Equipment and Telescope in California. Like this content? Please consider becoming a patron:

Getting Started in Astrophotography

22nd Oct, 2018 - 1160 views

If you'd like to get started in taking images with your telescope, then this is the hangout for you! Experts at OPT Telescopes will be discussing the right way to get started in this wonderful and amazing aspect of amateur astronomy. Watch this han

Five Most Popular Telescopes for Amateur Astronomy

29th Oct, 2018 - 2602 views

Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: Are you looking to buy a telescope as a gift or for yourself? This hangout will discuss the five most

Astronomy at the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

5th Nov, 2018 - 1434 views

Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: Some of the most exciting astronomical discoveries and observations are being done at the cutting-edge observatories operated by ESO. The European Southern Observatory

Astronomy and Outreach with Ian Lauer

7th Nov, 2018 - 731 views

Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: Like this content? Please consider becoming a patron: Follow DeepAstronomy on Twitter: @DeepAstronomy Like DeepAstronomy on Facebook: