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The Cosmic Optical Background: New Horizons Probes the Universe

27th Apr, 2017 - 2279 views

Researchers have cleverly used data from the New Horizons mission to look at the light from distant galaxies. The universe is filled with galaxies light up the cosmos, but too faint to see with the naked eye. Can we measure it? How bright is it?

Should the Singularity be something to fear?

1st Nov, 2017 - 3146 views

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What's So Great About TRAPPIST-1?

15th Jun, 2017 - 4373 views

Since the discovery of this system of seven terrestrial planets around an obscure, cool, red-dwarf star some 40 light years away, astronomers and the public have become very excited. Why? What's so great about this system? Located only 40 light-y

Dark Matter Clumpiness Dispute; ESA Funds EXOMars 2020 | SFN #187

10th Dec, 2016 - 5270 views

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Dragonfly 44: A Mysterious Galaxy Made of Mostly Dark Matter

8th Dec, 2016 - 5854 views

Hangout made possible by .SPACE Domains: If dark matter is, well, dark how can it be found? Remarkably, a team of astronomers found a galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter by using several powerful telescopes. The galaxy i

New Data Challenge Accelerating Universe; Pluto Data in; New Clues to Mars Lander | SFN #182

29th Oct, 2016 - 5891 views

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Deep Astronomy Channel Trailer - 2016

26th Jun, 2016 - 6622 views

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Space Fan News #13: Before the Big Bang?

12th Mar, 2011 - 8164 views

Back from vacation and wanted to talk about Conformal Cyclic Cosmology. Back in November, a group announced that they have possibly detected gravity waves from interacting black hole in a universe prior to ours. Here is the paper:

Predicted Encounter w/ Milky Way Black Hole Missed; Universe is Accelerating Faster | SFN #165

3rd Jun, 2016 - 9052 views

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Space Fan News #99: Second Most Important Image; Herschel's Black Holes; ALMA Redefines History

23rd Mar, 2013 - 10K views

The second most important image ever taken was released this week. The Planck Space Telescope's Image this week of the CMB was important and the culmination of its mission. Planck Bring CMB Into Sharp Focus:

DeepAstronomy Vlog 12/19/2006

19th Dec, 2006 - 11.2K views

Be gentle, this is my first video blog entry. I want to try and answer FAQ's I've gotten on the Hubble Deep Field Video.