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How to Start Your Career in Astronomy - Deep Astronomy Vlog

8th Jun, 2016 - 23K views

Here is some starting advice for those interested in pursuing a career in astronomy. I'll present new vlog posts each week. Some job sites to get you started: http://subar

Why Did I Leave My 'Dream Job'? | Vlog #1

24th May, 2016 - 6116 views

Over the years, I've done a great many things and have accomplished much of what I wanted professionally. When I left the Institute last October, I received a very poignant comment from a viewer. This is my response. Download the DeepAstronomy App

It's All Good

30th May, 2012 - 7495 views

Well, we didn't win the 'On the Rise' Contest, but that was certainly NOT because of your support. Thanks to all who voted and please give any feedback on what you think I could do to make the channel better! I don't care what they say, I still hav

Oh Tony, Where Art Thou? ... and whatcha doin'?

11th Apr, 2012 - 6040 views

Quick update for those who have been asking about where I've been and what I've been doing over the last week or so. Also, I uploaded this from my phone so who knows how this is gonna turn out. But, this is me being a first-adoper and stuff.

Space Fan News #15: Don't Lick Brown Things; Difference Between Brown Dwarf & Gas Giant

26th Mar, 2011 - 5528 views

Space Bound #2 will be out on Sunday! Got a heads up from space fan paleosmoker about a discovery of the coolest brown dwarf ever found. Also discuss the difference between a gas giant and a brown dwarf. Here are the links referred to in the vid